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GB power cord plug type introduction
Edit:Ningbo stroke Hao Wire and Cable Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2017-07-06

In daily life, many electrical appliances are inseparable from the power cord, the national standard power cord plug is the electrical appliances and other devices connected to the power supply device. Depending on the national standard, the choice of power outlets and plugs also need to be different. Each country has its own custom power cord standard, according to the different use of the power cord plug, power cord plug can be used in the 250V, 125V, 36V voltage, depending on the current can be used in 16A, 13A, 10A, 5A, 2.5A. The frequency is generally 50 / 60Hz.

GB power cord plug can be roughly divided into conversion plug power cord, injection plug power cord and assembly plug power cord.

Conversion plug Power cord:

Each country's power cord plug standard is not the same, for example, China's power cord plug to the United States, and can not be used, you must have a conversion plug to complete the conversion. This will require a power cord plug. The conversion of the power cord plug is to convert a national standard plug into another national standard plug power cord.

Injection plug power cord:

Injection plug is plug and wire through the high temperature, high pressure together, once the shape, it can not be assembled, such plug plug power cord characteristics are obvious, stable, safe. The general flow of the plug on the market more than 80% of the power cord is the plug power cord.

Assembly plug Power cord:

Assembly plug is the power cord and plug through the screws and other fixed together, but can be used in the process of assembly and disassembly, thus ensuring the plug power cord flexibility. For example, there is a large proportion of the UK market in the use of this assembly plug power cord.

When using the national standard power cord plug, first determine whether the power plug is also the national standard power outlet, regardless of which country's power cord, should be used in the same standard socket.

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